Chairman's Message

Oclaner Asset Management Pte Ltd is a fund management company, holding a capital market services license for fund management in Singapore, that brings together a dynamic and passionate team of individuals; each backed by a wealth of experiences and connections that allow the company to act as the bridge between a vast network of contacts and countries across the globe to expand the various business and personal interests of our clients.

Founded in 2009 and fully supervised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, our greatest strength lies in our people and their willingness to commit their own reputations and resources to serving our clients in the most innovative ways possible, with integrity intact.

Our diversity of talent and tenacity make up the very essence that enables us to adapt seamlessly to ever-changing market environments whilst preserving our clients’ wealth as well as offer unique opportunities to help them grow through our solutions, whether via suitable products or partnerships struck.

In view of this, we are particularly excited about our expanding presence in Asia during these exciting times where our family advisory business is growing in significance besides the bespoke, conservative and independent services under our asset management and direct investment arms.

Through Oclaner’s intrinsic values of Independence, Access and Transparency, it is our mission that you get the best care for your future generations’ wellbeing; and that the trust you put in us is rewarded back unto you, manifold.

Ivo Bartoletti
Chairman & CEO