Portfolio Mandates

Under this service, you will select the management mandate (discretionary or advisory) that you prefer to give us limited power of administration over your account(s). This power is limited and allows for the bank(s) to act only upon investment instructions (not withdrawal or deposit of funds) by Oclaner – terminable at any time, at your discretion.

You will also select the custodian bank(s) that will hold your assets (either through an existing account or new bank accounts that we can assist in setting up) before our investment team structures and implements a portfolio strategy for you in accordance to your objectives and profile.

Rest assured that all investment decisions are executed via our multi-custodian platform system that will provide you with a consolidated and fully transparent view of your portfolio’s performance and asset holdings across several banks at anytime. Be it discretionary or advisory, we believe that it is our duty to keep you well informed on your allocations through in-depth analyses and constant review reports.

Discretionary Mandate

Our main goal is to help you preserve your wealth in line with your investment objectives. To ensure that your portfolio truly reflects your financial situation and investment outlook, we will firstly refine an individual strategy that fits in with your time scale, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.

We will then identify opportunities, allocate your investment to the appropriate asset classes, manage risk and seek to maximise returns. You will also be kept informed with full transparency on how your investment is doing at all times.

Advisory Mandate

We start off by determining your investment objectives and, based on mutually agreed-upon directions, will then work with you to construct a suitable portfolio by applying the most effective strategies and risk hedges.

Our main goal will be to ensure that your portfolio is regularly rebalanced as we help you maximise returns and minimise risks.